In the West you will hear people say that to be a follower is to be a loser. To be a follower in the West is a diminishment of yourself and a lessening of your power. In the East they think about these things differently. A guru has followers who learn from the guru and they are proud of this and they learn to let go of the ego. They have had thousands of years more practice in learning meditation and spirituality then we have here in the west. The problem with our society if you boil it down to it's base components is that people here in the West are not looking inward and being their true selves. When you are being your true self you don't look to steal from others and you don't lie to others. How much would our society change if just everyone was truthful all the time and if they didn't steal from others? If the media and the government and we as individuals were holding ourselves to a higher standard without an outside force holding our feet to the fire making us act good instead of us being good?






     Imagine everyone was lost in the woods for their whole lives. People were born always lost walking around thinking that all of their existence everything they knew was in the forest and in and of the woods. Now there is a guy who has a map,a way out. He has spent maybe his lifetime reading the map and coming to understand how to see the map in its writing and has deciphered is meaning. Everyone is born with the same map which leads out of the woods but people haven't learned to focus their eyes correctly to read the map's directions. And in this fictitious forest there are allot of people walking around telling people they know how to read their maps and lead others out but they really don't.


     They either want attention or money or fame these people who say they can read the map to others,or they can read a bit of the map and they think that they are reading the entire map but they don't realize they are only reading a small portion of their map that they were born with and not the entire map. And again everyone is born with this map that leads out of the woods. But this one guy it is like he was chosen to be able to read the map and guess what? He walks out of the woods! He makes it all the way out!  He walks out into the green fields and onto the plains and then he climbs up a high mountain and now he can look down and he sees everyone walking around lost in the woods down bellow. So he can stay there high up on the mountain where it is beautiful and peaceful but he decides to go back into the woods and like so many other people yelling out that he can read his map he says softly at first to others "hey listen I know the way out of the woods..."




       Now most people in the woods have heard these things before and are used to tripping over the fallen logs. They have seen large groups of people following one guru saying he can read a map and watched their friends fall down a cliff or into a lake in the woods,they have watched them go away and have heard them as they drowned. What makes our hero stand out? How is anyone to trust this guy there in the woods who has the eyes to see and ears to hear and read the map out of the eternal woods?

     They have a saying down there the people of the woods, some have uncovered an eternal truth as old as the woods they whisper it among themselves under the boroughs and the dark eves late at night have discovered that they have a map and they whisper to each other "you have a map there is no need to follow anyone else just learn to read it..."




     So a real Guru knows the way out of the woods and back again and in the East a Guru is venerated. Now the veneration isn't so much for the Guru but for themselves. You see the devotion given to the Guru is a vibrational pathway of information. What is love but an avenue of knowledge. The more you love something the more you understand something. There used to be a comedy show on television called "The Big Bang Theory" Sheldon one of the main characters loved trains. He knew allot of things but anything about trains he was a total expert about. He would just love to talk about all types of trains all day. So if you love something or someone you learn about them or that thing. You learn the way they think and how they became the way they are so you can be more like them in yourself.


      Everyone has a Guru maybe we don't acknowledge it to ourselves but we all do.Maybe your Guru is your parents or maybe it is your boss at work or a fictional person,maybe it is Jesus Christ who is my Guru. Everyone has someone they look up to to try to understand how they got to be the way they are so we can try and be more like them. The best way to emulate this person is to love them and to follow them. The higher the vibrational frequency of the person you follow the higher your frequency can become that is just the way it is. Perhaps at a certain time like a moon that circles a planet around a star you leave it's orbit to become a planet yourself. A real teacher looks for moons that can become planets not just for moons. The solar system is full of moons but planets are good to have because maybe more people can live on them. Moons help change the tides of the planets oceans but planets are where you can have a home.


     The more you see your Gurus spiritual aspects the more you can have them yourself within you. How did I know I could heal others?  I came to an understanding that Jesus did it,he healed others. Without Jesus Christ's example I would not of even tried to of ever to heal anyone. I give all the credit to Jesus because I would not of thought to try and heal others. So when you listen to the Guru who you choose to follow you will now really try to listen when they teach because you know it is importiant for yourself and for your salvation. You will really try to understand, and the more you feel love for them the more knowledge you will unfold within yourself. You can pick me if you choose or another Guru or two or go back and forth. Maybe it will be your priest at you local church who does it for you?  There is no one forcing you to follow my teaching or my stories or to watch my videos. I am trying to teach enlightenment which because everyone is on a different level and understands differently from their own viewpoint isn't easy. But in the end there really is only one truth and one way of being.




     I have been considering of asking my followers for $30 a month to be donated through my site here so I can do more healing and teaching. I have already asked some of my loyal followers and the ones who seem really like they will listen to my teaching and who are seeking awakening. If everyone sent in at least $30 a month to the site here and if enough people follow my teaching I can do more spiritual teaching and healing full time I can write more and do more retreats and spiritual workshops. Everyone who would be sending in the $30 donation would receive my blessing and a distance healing which would then help to raise thier vibration as well. And I would know that these people are looking to have a higher vibration frequency themselves.


     I really hate to mention money, I like to do things for free that is the best way but not the way of the world that I find myself living in now. So many people are out for money my goal is to teach spirituality and to heal others and have people heal themselves. I imagine a network of people who would contribute here, a network of friends who would be truthful with each other and who would be invited to retreats and who would all come to a greater understanding of love and trust in themselves and each other. So then when they would meet in the world or online or anywhere they would know each other from a basis of love and friendship and a basis of understanding. I want followers who can become leaders themselves. Not everyone has to be a leader,perhaps you can just lead yourself or your family or your work team or your company and that is enough. But I see eventually people who would follow my teaching being very meek and like Jesus said the meek they are the ones who will be inheriting the Earth and I say only an empty glass can be filled. I know the way out of the woods and I can read my map,come on let's go....


Victor Hamsa