Tumbled Labradorite Soap Stone - $8 each

tumbled labradorite soap stones

You'll receive one beautiful Labradorite Soap Stone. These stones have an inner rainbow that shimmers to the surface in a satisfying display to the eye.

Properties of Labradorite. It's considered a power stone, allowing you to see through illusions and determine your dreams and goals. Strengthens intuitions. stimulates imagination and enthusiasm ideas. Helps to see more clearly in meditation. A protector of the Aura, keeping it balanced, protected and free from any energy leaks. Reduces the feeling of being fearful of having anxiety and stress particularly related to bad dreams or nightmares.

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Tumbled Malachite - $8 each

tumbled malachite

This Tumbled Malachite is deep green with extremely well-defined bull's-eye and stripe patterns. These beautiful Tumbled Malachite pieces are from Zaire, Africa.

Malachite absorbs energy, draws emotions to the surface, and clears and activates the chakras. An extremely powerful metaphysical stone, Malachite is called the "stone of transformation" and is used for deep energy cleaning. For this reason, some metaphysicians recommend using Malachite in small doses.

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Tumbled Apache Tears - $6 each

tumbled apache tears

Apache Tears - (Volcanic Black Obsidian) Apache Tears are a type of Obsidian, which appear rough and opaque at first glance, but are often translucent when held up to a light source. Apache Tears are created when hot lava is forced directly into the air and quickly solidifies before hitting the ground. Made from the fire energy deep within the Earth, this mineral is wonderful at grounding energies into the Earth before, during and after energy work. Apache Tears help one to see into the core of an issue to assist with deep healing.

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Tumbled Turquenite (Dyed) - $3 each

Tumbled Turquenite Dyed

Turquenite is a stone to work with to dive into the memories and experiences of past lives. By working with this gemstone you uncover hidden, or lost, memories of your past lives that bear importance for you in this life. Turquenite is an energetic gemstone that facilitates memory recovery and in-depth meditation. You will engage in personal experiences that enlighten you for a brighter outlook on destiny.

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