Natural Amethyst Points $2 each or a set of 5 $10

amethyst points -each one is different

A natural amethyst point, this single crystal point is perfect for use in healing. Amethyst is known as a master healing stone for the body and mind. It is said to be extremely soothing, allowing psychic and spiritual development. Its cleansing energy is often recommended for those suffering bereavement or emotional trauma.

This amethyst point can be used during meditation, as a wand to direct energy or to bring the qualities of amethyst into your environment.
1”-1 1/2” inches each. Buy a single crystal, or a set of 5 crystals

Each piece unique: No two pieces are the same. Each crystal offers a different attribute.


These are sold individually. Please remember that these are natural tumbled stones / crystals and as such there will be slight variations in color, size, shape and weight as each piece is unique.

You will receive one crystal or stone similar to the tumbled stones that are pictured in the photos, unless you purchase multiple stones.

Disclaimer: Healing crystals should never be used in place of traditional medical treatment. Use crystals only as a potential compliment and support to other well being treatments and therapies. Always consult with a licensed medical professional.