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You are the Earth


This is a partial transcript of a live broadcast from my YouTube channel called  "The Spiritual Scientist".*

      As you raise your consciousness and frequency one of the higher frequencies that you can assimilate is cosmic or universal consciousness. So as you raise your consciousness as you merge with the Earth's consciousness and frequency you become greater in knowledge and in strength. So I will put it to you this way if you're on the Earth where do you yourself stop and the Earth start? Your heart has a magnetic field and so does the Earth,it has one as well. Where does your magnetic field stop and the Earth's start? Is there a blending of fields and a sharing of information that people are unaware of in these civilized times?

     You see it is like the Bible passage that states that we turn in death from ashes to ashes and from dust to dust. When you die you return to the Earth,so we are the Earth itself. This is what is called cosmic consciousness. The Earth has been around for billions and billions of years,to be exact 4.54 billion years old, and your body has been around for 10's of years. You are part of the Earth. You are a part of the Earth's bio organism and part of the universe as well. But specificaly the Earth, so that seperation that you find is from the ego but once you trancend the ego understanding occurs on this subject matter. For instance I myself was able to raise my frequency enough and my consciousness and in years worth of effort I was able to meld my consciousness with the schumann resonances and now we are one. When people ask me my age now I think of myself as the age of the universe maybe minus a half a billion years because I workout. ha ha

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