I've been having very low energy. Mind and body. I decided to give Mr. Hamsa a try. As soon as I contacted him he worked on some healing on me. I even felt the sun shining on me in a different way.

Ty. Highly recommend.❤️

Bobby D

I had stage 4 colon/rectal lymphatic cancer with a 5 year relative survival rate. They thought I was in remission but the doctors found 5 nodes that were malignant stating that I had 4 months to live.

The cancer had spread and went into my lungs and esophageal airway.

Victor Hamsa sent me a healing: No cancer!

Now I have to look for a job so I can repay him.

Christopher W

I contacted Victor Hamsa because I was at the end of my rope. I was in a string of bad relationships and addicted to drugs and I was an alcoholic for years and a chain smoker. It was hard for me to get a job and I kept getting arrested because of my abusive relationships with others.

Victor Hamsa did a healing for me and counseled me.

As of now:

No more abusing relationships
3 months of no drugs
3 months without alcohol
4 days no nicotine
I am sober and single
No depression or anxiety
And I am glorifying God

MaryPat A

I am grateful to have received two healing sessions from Victor Hamsa. I believe them to have been profoundly helpful in the moment as well as afterwards. The healing continued to compound and integrate after our sessions.

I felt Victor's gift of presence. I appreciate the broadcast (and the borrowed presence 😃) as I'm integrating into my own broadband frequency. It started with a buzz and high vibes and then I was able to relax and I felt a shift in my nervous system. I felt more alert and relaxed. I also felt more structural integrity in my body from the inside out.

Thank you for reading this as you consider a breaking or process your own with Victor Hamsa. Thank you Victor for being a clear vessel and offering your hand. May all benefit from these entanglements, healings, activations and experiences.

*healing not breaking 🤣

Rajita D (India)

I was diagnosed with spasmodic torticollis two years back. Visited several doctors but I wasn't cured, there used to be frequent pain in my upper back part. Then recently I had Planter fasciitis on my left foot which caused me severe pain and difficulty in walking.

I then requested Victor Hamsa for a healing and it was sent to me instantly. I felt much relief and my upper back pain was almost gone. The pain in my foot was also reduced. All thanks to Victor Hamsa's distance healing. The best part is he keeps asking for feedback so the healing can be adjusted if needed. I am ever grateful for his kind help.🙏

Cheryl S

My friend Jack, the guy who nearly died from drinking a year ago, who'd become paralyzed WHILE in the hospital (one year ago), after being intubated, with a peg feeding tube inserted, and about whom the doctors were suggesting we say final goodbyes and let him go.... is now home, functioning, walking with a Walker (although still having problems getting his feet to move up & fwd properly), feeding himself, taking out trash, etc., while in his electric wheelchair, bathing and otherwise caring for himself.

He was approved for disability, and will be moving into his own apartment at the end of this month.

Thank you, Victor, for your assistance in his healing.

Brandy Y

I am Brandy,

I highly recommend Victor Hamsa for authentic long distance healing needs. I have benefited physically and mentally from his work a couple of times now. Very good at practicing and sharing his gifts. I will continue to reach out to him for future needs, very responsive and caring. Thanks Victor!

Susan A

This year I have gone through complicated health problems. I reached out to Victor to assist me with his healing abilities, as he came highly recommended.

On numerous occasions he did distant healing. His healing energy is extremely powerful. I was unsure about distant healing, but, found out it works. But you must find the right person. He is the real deal. I would highly recommend you’re reaching out to him.

I am now using Victor for spiritual guidance. His spiritual knowledge goes beyond most. He is able to clarify any confusion on my part as I continue on my spiritual journey.

So grateful to him!


I explained my health concerns, relationship, job, relationship and financial. I asked for positivity and healing so I can move forward today I woke up feel a bit better then I did yesterday.....had motivation and got a lot done with success.... thank you for you gift and help.


A gifted spiritual counselor + healer - I highly recommend Victor's services. He is 100% the real deal, caring, sweet + kindhearted, coupled with the gifts of spiritual healing, counseling and guidance. I feel amazing after my first healing session, and will definitely have more. Thank you, Victor for sharing your beautiful gifts xx

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