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enlighted healingYour contribution to this website can support the public outreach in advertising and supporting the website, YouTube videos, Instagram, twitter and printed material that allows Victor Hamsa to reach more people for their healing and enlightenment and can help those who can not pay for a healing for themselves but are in need. Victor Hamsa does a lot of his healing work for free but rent and food and to exist in the world, costs money.

You will also become a part of Victor Hamsa’s daily prayers on the day you contribute. Any amount at all can help! Victor Hamsa would like to concentrate more on teaching spirituality and meditation, doing healings , traveling to lecture and organizing spiritual workshops and retreats. Every dollar you send can help these efforts.

Victor Hamsa would eventuality like to open a healing center, an Ashram and a shelter for battered woman, as well as start a non profit, but we need your funds so please contribute.

Victor Hamsa is not a non profit organization, donations are not tax deductible.

Thank you!

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