Hi Friends,

     This post is for people who have been hurt and have had thier heart broken. Many people who seek me out have been abused and are in need of healing. Perhaps they have lost a loved one or have been really hurt or for any reason they are disconnected from thier heart and from God and life. You may think of this as a meditation that I invented to reconnect peoples hearts.


It is really very simple on how to reconnect your heart. I want you to go out and find a place where you can be alone with a tree. I believe the Druids of old knew about this as they worshiped trees as Gods that is not what this is about but I think you will find this interesting.

      Now you should bring a pen and paper with you and sit and contemplate a tree that you pick out. I want you to try and love this tree to connect with it from your heart. Once you are connected with the tree you will find information starts flowing to you from the tree and that it what the notebook is for.

     Love brings you in connection with other beings and the positive energy of love that you share with the tree will bring with it information for you to have. Now I want you to write the information down as it comes to you. If you don't get much information to start don't worry just try another day or keep trying to love more.

     The type of information you will receive will be impressions like "My limb was cut on this side" or "I am thursty now" or "a year ago some bugs bored into me on my lower side" or just "the sunlight is good". Now take these impressions and write them down even if you feel that it is your imagination as your imagination comes from the same place anyway from being connected to your heart.

     So connect in this safe non threating way to another being. This being can't run away from you this being won't curse at you or tell you that you are ugly. No this being is a tree and once you feel a connection and words start flowing into your notebook you will know that your heart is openning up again. This is a very heathly way to feel a connection again to another living being.

If you find this post helpful please pass it along to someone else who is in need of healing thier heart. And believe me the trees could do wih more love directed thier way as well. Namaste.