Hi Friends,

     When I do a distance healing I start sometimes with scanning the body,sometimes I don't scan at all and I just follow my psychic intution. I tend to work quickly and at the higher etheric layers and on the outer layer of the aura sometimes when I do scan sometimes I am detectable to the person getting the healing as a tingle or something of that nature. Later when doing deeper work allot of what I do is imperceptible and I try to make it that way so to allievate suffering and tension. Many times I will hear on a follow up session "Your first healing was good and I felt something but the second session it didn't work, I didn't feel anything". The ironic part is if they were going into an operation and laying on the operating table if they felt pain during a surgery they would want to sue but with a distance healing once it gets deep and heavy and when they stop feeling anything they feel like they are not getting thier monies worth and sometimes stop seeing me thinking there is no healing going on. It is after that I hear of a recovery a few days or weeks after that and then follow up is hard to get.


     Follow up is an important part of doing distance healing I feel. I do like to be able to adjust the healing if needed and feedback is helpful. I like to know sometimes if colors are brighter or if the pain is less if the person feels lighter or heaver. Sometimes people ask me to help them sleep and I tell them when they feel heavy to just go to sleep. I have a few people wake up hours later with thier head on the keyboard which is kind of funny.  And many times people don't get back to me right away or at all. The worst is when a person gives me a photo of someone else and I never hear back after I do a healing. Sometimes a year or two later they come back for themselves and want a healing and I ask them how thier friend or relative did and they tell me they got better. Many times people reach out to me as a last resort and I am wishing they had come to me sooner

    Headaches are my favorite bodily ailment to heal as with most headaches it disappers right away and leaves the patient very surprised. Many times people will say "how did you do that?" which can be very satisfying but those things must not feed the ego. Non attachment is a big part of distance healings and will help you if you are a distance healer as an added layer of protection for yourself.  Also balance and harmony is a big key to life an if you can't impart that to others you have no business doing distance healing.

Sometimes as a distance healer I would get sucked up into feeling myself that a healing didn't work if the person on the other end says they didn't feel anything. Sometimes I would waste allot of energy trying to make people "feel" my presence instead of doing a healing just to start a session which I feel now is a waste of time unless it is for some kind of attunement in which I would want the person I am trying to teach to feel something to understand how it relates to thier body. Allot of my work is invisible work behind the scenes and behind the curtain which is ok except if you are trying to make a living as a distance healer. That is why you see so few distance healers doing it as a full time job, who will pay for something you can't detect at all and when you do time has aleady passed?

     Taking money for distance healing is something I struggled with for awhile. I was taught 25 years ago that taking money for healing that it was an echange for energy but there are some bad vibes sometimes attached to money in general and having a clean karma is important as a person and doubly important as a healer. But I know distance healing works and I am a distance healer so I should get paid just like any doctor would and that it is a philosophy that in this day and age you should live by if you do true distance healing. Some people say Jesus didn't receive money for teaching and healing but if you read the Bible Judas was the one elected treasurer of the apostles and people had to eat then just like they do now too.

   And then there are the charlatans and the believers that don't know what they are doing. Many of them mean well but give the few real healers a bad name. Those healers they come from thier lower chakra to bring about some of the healing which is a real no no. They give other good distance healers that are out there a bad name. I have had to fix a few people who had male healers who took advantage of them. Sometimes women feel a closeness because you are a caring person and want to know about you personally. Keeping a clinical distance is important with healing work. So what you have with doing distance healing is a fringe job being made worse by people claiming that they can do what you do and most times they believe it too. If you can understand that then you understand my point. This is the world we live it but I love helping people. Allot of real distance healers are non egoic and never say anything, they work behind things as a servant of God not taking credit but giving it away so not to attract attention to the quite art of healing. Those are the rare ones and I tend to like them the best.