Keeping your energy in a healthy state can be a tricky endeavor during these trying times. Doing mindfulness meditaion on a daily basis will help you to keep yourself in a spiritualy centered lifestyle. When an anxiety feeling comes up ask yourself where is that feeling affecting myself in my body? Can I change this thing or is it out of my control? Know that if you can change something then you can do it and then you will not feel anxiety. If you can not change something there is no need to worry because it is out of your control. Having a meditation and a mindfullness lifestyle will allow you to have some separateness from feelings like anxiety so you can be more whole. Incorporate an observer point of view,try feeling this anxiety as a separate vibration from yourself. You will notice that this anxiey is just an energtic vibration that you have not assimliated yet. Remembering your breathing practice and become one with your breath when anxiety comes over you. This is one of the great tools that come from a mindfulness lifestyle that you can use everyday to use against anxiety to find your center in the storm.


     You hear people saying to keep your vibration high all the time but anxiety can be a high vibration that can screw up your decision making process. By staying calm and lowering your level of vibration being centered is what mindfullness is all about. Illness it is known can affect someone with a stressed out system more than someone who does not have a stressed out system. Do a body scan of yourself by laying down on your bed and just breathing in and out quietly and feel how your body feels. Listen deeply to your body and learn what it is trying to tell you. Most people keep themselves too busy to take a minute to listen to their bodies. Being quite in the moment of now is not just a saying but a way to feel how your body is when you are sitting and notice your posture all the time. Learn to sit up straignt more often and breathe deeply more often. People are always telling me they are looking for more balance in their lifes but you should start with having correct balance and posture. Notice that people who do Yoga on a daily basis have a more balanced life and attitude. Surround yourself with level headed friends who are positive.


     In this life either you are moving forward in progress or moving backwards rarely do we stay in place. Try to look at life like how a baby does always seeing things as if new. Having a forward looking viewing point will allow you to grasp more things in your envionment. People sometimes become complacent in their lifestyle and do not see things with their hearts like they should and are to busy too let themselves care. The more things that you notice in the moment of now the more you raise your awareness in your life and in others lives. The highest vibrations comes not from the grasping of objects but from a non grasping viewpoint of objects and perspectives. Learn to stem your awareness from a loving healthy viewpoint like a plant raising out of the soil up from a seedling. Water your awareness with meditation and prayer and friendship and love. For love really is the power than transcends everything and everyone,love is the answer.