Hi Friends,

In this article I will describe the Victor's Crown or Merkaba which can be remotly enabled and your vibrational field upgraded. Victor Hamsa can do this by remote means in order to raise your vibrational frequency permanently. This will enable you if you are already a Reiki Master/Teacher to heal more stongly and quickly and it will connect you to higher angelic healing frequencies that few can reach.

 What is your Merkaba?

Merkaba -  Mer, means light, Ka, spirit and Ba, body or reality.  This Merkaba activation of your Light Body or Victor's crown activation will assist you to experience aspects the vibration of Melchizedek Consciousness and higher dimentional awareness of being. The Light Body activation is created through using the sacred geometry of three superimposing star tetrahedrons at the third level energetic state of above 7th vibrational charka frequency. Most people only use up to their 1-3rd base chakra frequencies,this is way beyond what most peoples vibrational states are and will help you to achieve higher states of transdimentional awareness and higher states of enlightment consciousness.

After your 1-7 chakra system is enabled you will be feeling a sence of bliss and centeredness that you most likely will not of expencenced before. People who have gone through this process say they have gained much more clarity than before as well. To enable you to have your 7th chakra upgraded Victor will be going through your karmatic body and he will be removing blockages and negative karma. After about 2-3 days you will have the energetic state to enable your full Merkaba activation.



The Victor's Crown can be seen in the above picture of Christ and his disciples have them shown in paintings as well although not as strongly. These higher octave frequencies criss cross through the pineal gland. Your energetic vibrational upgrade to your Victor's Crown can only be done by an Ascended Master like Victor Hamsa. Victor Hamsa is one of the only Ascended Masters who can do this by remote means. This class consists of remote scanning of your energetic system by Victor Hamsa,energetic upgrades and lightcode downloads and a personalized video session where you will feel the energetic frequencies yourself. There are even more advance Merkaba techniques which open you up to various dimensional frequencies which you would have to attend a live session with Victor Hamsa in order to enable them. During your live video session Victor Hamsa will give you instruction on how to maintain your higher frequency light-body Merkaba so in order not to lose your higher energetic state as time goes by.



The greater energy field that surrounds our body beyond our auric field is our own Merkaba. Healers who see auras are seeing light frequencies which range from 6–36 inches, sometimes more in our etheric field, or light body, once your Merkaba light-body is activated it may go go beyond the aura expanding up to 60 feet when fully energized. I am told that there are satellites that monitor for nuclear emissions around the globe and having your Merkaba activated may show up on their system for a brief moment.  A healthy functioning Merkaba is two tetrahedrons spinning incredibly fast in opposite directions, creating a light body that is capable of inter-dimensional and interstellar travel. Ascended Masters use their Merkaba to connect with higher realms and spirits, it is said the Chariots of Fire in the Bible are actually referencing the Merkaba. When active, the Merkaba taps us into higher angelic frequencies and your personal manifestation is greatly enhanced.


Victor Hamsa recommends no sexual activity before your Merkaba attunement for at least a week and no drugs or alcohol consumption for at least a week prior as well.

$60-Chakra Balancing and clearing of karma and trauma (This is recommended a week before your 1-7th Chakra enhancement to lay the ground work and will enable you to reach your full lightbody easier and it will move you along the ascension process further and faster. Also it will make your lightbody system more comfortable with the remote upgrade process later on). It isn't mandatory but is recommended.

 $333-Your 1-7 Chakra enhancement to enable your light-body activation is a prerequisite and must occur for your Merkaba to be enabled. It is like your rocket fuel for your light-body to blast off. Many people are quite satisfied with this activation on it's own. \ This upgrade consists of your 7th chakra system being encoded with a very high level of light frequencies to enable access for your Merkaba lightbody upgrade . This takes normally 2-3 days worth of remote distance healing and activation by Victor Hamsa.

 $888-Merkaba light-body full activation of your Victor's Crown for higher vibrational being of consciousness

 I look forward to helping you achieve these higher energetic states,


Victor Hamsa