Holding presence in trying times can be a difficult task so I thought to write some of my ideas to help you on this subject. Holding presence or being the real you or being your authentic self or even being in the now can be elusive word tracks that leave a seeker with a taste of an idea but no real substance to fill your stomach with knowledge. First of all if you find that you are getting carried away by feelings of anger remember your breathing. Do the Hamsa breathing meditation or even just feel yourself to be breathing,centering yourself around your breathing will allow you to have internal room away from your anger. This will help you tremendously in controlling your emotions.


     Feel yourself looking at what is front of yourself now as you read this, you can look at the words or anywhere but feel yourself looking at an object. Now there is grasping the object with your eyes and looking at it with non attachment. What I mean by looking and grasping is having your ego look at an object and referencing everything about the object. For instance you see a chair you may be thinking of when you bought the chair and how long you have had it or what it is made out of. These thoughts are grasping thoughts but you are not really seeing the chair itself. Looking with non attachment with ideas or thoughts or anything and just seeing the chair is non attachment. When you are able to see your reality in your environment in a state of non-attachment. This non-attachment way to thinking will lead to a higher state of consciousness verses the third dimensional awareness of grasping of objects that most people dwell in.     

     The brain sees patterns and uses its functionality for processing new information and will look over already processed information. So when you enter a room you may bump into a chair because you didn't see it. If you were existing in non attachment you would of noticed the chair so as to not bump into it. People have car accidents all the time because they are driving and grasping at attachments internally and externally. You will hear "oh I thought he or she was making a right turn",they are predicting an outcome and are not even looking out of their own eyes with all of their brains processing power.

HMI-Blog-Heart-Brain-Interactions     The brain uses it's predictive power so as to help you in conservation of energy

     Using your brain to process new information into your awareness takes energy. That is why meditation is so good for you. You learn to build up an ability to hold more energy inside your body so you can maintain your brains processing ability to be able to exist in the now. Most people do not exist in the present moment and do not hold their presence for others. When you maintain your ability to be present you are processing information in the now with a higher energetic state which helps others to hold presence as well. Again most people dwell in the third dimensional state of attachments so as a being of higher energy your job is to hold presence. It can be hard at first to look at objects and people and think in a non attachment state all the time. Dwelling in non attachment does not mean not loving others on the contrary it means loving people more from your authentic self. There are many people who have died of old age and many people who what died young. It is better to die young and to of been alive and awake loving others from your true self, dwelling in non attachment to see your reality then to live a long time but to be asleep all of those years hating everyone and yourself. 

     Many people think they have to do something in order to heal the planet or heal others but by holding onto this now moment of non attachment you are helping others as this energetic state goes outside yourself into others consciousness in many ways. That is why you hear of spiritual people being of a charismatic type of character. People want to be around others who are present as they help to shape reality into a better place. I am holding onto this present moment for you, I hope you can help others to hold it as well I know you can.

Namaste my friends,

Victor Hamsa