Hello my friends,


     It is in my estimation that 10's of thousands of women and men come under sexual psychic assult every day in the world. This occures mostly in the evening,perhaps to more people then I can imagine. It is impossible to know the exact figure because of the great stigma attached to this very touchy subject. I worked in an acute mental unit doing therapy for over three years in a hospital. I saw sometimes patients who reported these attacks to their family and then to police and to the doctors but because our society does not understand the spiritual world they would be labeled and locked away,given pills and eventually kicked back out into society with no help and no clue as to what happened to them and unsure as how to protect themselves in the future.




      First of all demonic beings or psychic sexual predators can not attack you if you are wearing your armor of righteousness that is mentioned in the Bible. Please go and research this important subject but in essence if you leave a crack open in your armor you can be a victim. A crack can be from an unnatural sexual act or creating a false idol usually sexual in nature or experiencing the sin of lust or there are other ways to leave yourself open,think 10 commandments and you get the idea.  Many satanic cults who practice demonic witchcraft target women through social media these days. They will use a picture and unlike myself who uses a picture sometimes for doing distance healing, they will cast spells and hexes using the picture to summon demons to attack the unwary victim. They can then set up a demonic sexual implant inside of the victims aura usually in the groin area sometimes it is set up ethereally inside the lower chakra to suck up and transmit vital pranic energy for more evil spells and to feed demonic beings so they can gain things like prestige,money,power and for other evil purposes. Think of your spiritual body like a computer system with code and that these nefarious individuals are like hackers using demonic beings which can range from being an aware entity (a hacker with control of your computer) a full on possesion to a dense thoughtform or implant,more common,(like a virus that is inside your computer system).




      How to know if you are a victim and are under sexual psychic attack? Many people do not have an open third eye and can not see these attacks stemming from the astral field or in their body or etheric body and aura these invisible implant(s). Some are very large and some are very small and there are all different types. There has been a spiritual war going on and the good side and bad have more advanced weapons all the time. Most people will know if something like this has happened or is happening to them,they will know in their soul. You may have experienced that upon awakening you have strange scratches on your body and that you feel unnaturally drained. Perhaps you feel something strange inside yourself like a small piece of cold darkness or you feel unconnected to your higher power and you feel lost and alone. These demonic beings are of a type that unfortunately  have had much practice in perfecting how to cut some people off from God source so as to suck more power for themselves and those who sent them. You may have experienced something like rape by an invisible being and woken up to an assult of forces unseen and then gone just as fast. You should know that you are not crazy and angelic beings are there to assist you in clearing out these negative implants and helping to reseal your aura and repelling these demons from your life. Removing demonic beings by remote means is almost impossible but implants can be done and reversed. You may consult with me for removal negative implants but for a full demonic removal seeking someone in person is advised. The good news is the good side always wins.




       One good way to start fixing these issues is to go into deep prayer and asking for forgiveness from God for your past sins. Everyone has has past sins in their life it is almost imposible to not of sinned in someway. I have found out that in prayer you should ask The Lord specifically what was the sin or sins that led to your spiritual armor being compromised. This is a great place to start the healing process. You will receive an answer like a passing idea in your mind,just a fleeting thought for a moment be still and present in this process so as to be aware of the response. Many people talk to The Lord and complain but very few listen. And then of course you have to seek amends and forgiveness for what you have done. This is a very important aspect to rebuilding you spiritual armor of righteousness. You may seek myself out or a very qualified psychic healer or qualified priest in good standing who will clear out your negative implants and raise your vibration and work with you so you are protected and safe again. It is very hard to remove these types of implants yourself but it is possible. I find it is some of the most difficult psychic healing work that there is. Casting out a demonic beings is very hard work and only a very experienced healer like myself should be consulted. I honestly do not enjoy getting involved and I would rather work on someone with health issues which can be much easier to heal depending on the type,but I do it to help people and because I can. Many healers that I know of turn down working with people who are under these type of attacks. I recommend in seek forgiveness for yourself taking Jesus into your heart and may the grace of the Lord be upon you. Amen