Hi friends,


     This article is like the title says is about healing trauma through writing poetry. Now are first you may say this is a trivial thing a poem but words my friends are powerful things. The Bible says that the Lord created the heavens and the Earth by his word and so to can you heal the damage within by writing it out.


    I worked in a psychiatric unit doing therapy with abused patients and I took in their energy of abuse durning the therapy as well. Where was I to let off the pain that I took in? You may be saying to yourself that you have never written anything creative. Perhaps you are a macho guy and think poetry is for wimps. I always looked at poetry for what it was. Writing your feelings down on paper, now here is the tricky part to convey to the reader how you feel. To make someone else understand what you went through but again in a creative way.


      There isn’t a better,safer way to release your trauma. To write your feeling down in a creative way is one of the noblest ways to transmit the hurt feelings to the outside world. You can share your poem with others or not and reread the words to feel those feelings in a safe way.

         And in rereading them you will see something that you couldn’t see before. There is a bit of distance created and as an objective observer you can finally confront those feelings and slowly work through them. 

      You don’t have to rhyme every second sentence but I do recommend it to start. That will push you to be creative in writing your feelings down. The act of rhyming the words creatively changes your thinking. The part of your brain connected with creativity and words and rhyming that part is very deep within the brain. The trauma is deep as well and now you are writing about these feelings. 

     What writing the poems down will do is it puts words to those feelings and emotions. It puts a safe box around them so you can look at them from a safe distance. I am sure you will be amazed at your talent because coming from a deep place within yourself in a creative way is a powerful thing to do. 

     Poets are the most powerful people they are the ones who can conquer their fear and bring forth healing for themselves and others. Please try writing poetry as a cathartic release for your feelings. And when you do send me a copy so I can read it if you would like to share. I will end this article with a poem I wrote in my mind and then put on paper while I was working in the mental hospital watching a patient who was on suicide watch. 25 years later and I still have it memorized it is a dark poem but it was a dark place and maybe it will instead lift you up...


               Desperate lives

Desperate lives in this house of death.

Smell the ashes on the corpses breath.

Snake coil whisper around your neck.

Sea of deaths waves awash life’s deck.


People die all the time.

Not always for a life of crime.

Some think death is the final find.

Finding life in the funeral chime.


Can you hear the bells receding?

The moans of ghosts repeating?

Saying the deaths the final cheating?

Life is full and empty death hungers eating. 


-Victor Hamsa