I see many people in the spiritual community who talk about the new 5th dimention. Also many people try to discribe what it is and how it will affect you. But everyone is lazy. Most people want everything handed to them without doing any self work. There are a few spiritual pioneers blazing a trail for others to follow but for the most part people are complaicent. Everyone wants the fruit from the tree but no one it willing to plant the seed and water it everyday. The computer screens and phone screens and television screens are black squares that when turned on suck the life out of you. These objects are two dimentional tools that project into the three dimentional world of your awareness. How can you understand what a 5th dimentional construct is when you constantly train your mind to use 2 dimentional objects?

     Now within each dimentional level are layers of higher dimentional levels within them. In a holographic universe a two dimentional field can contain everything from the three dimentional level and so on. That is why I can type these words and you can have some of the concepts enter into your mind you are decoding the symbols on the page into an internal narrative. It is learning to decode concepts and ideas into a real time awareness that is what the 5th dimentional is all about. It is seeing your world in a new way with the tools of universal consciousness and the laws of manifestation.


                                                                      A Disruptive Process

              The vibrational field of the 5th dimention lays right on top of the lower dimentions but it is the awareness of people that can dip in and out of it that strengthens it.  As more people tune into the 5th dimentional vibrational field for others who have not done the self work this may be a disruptive process. Awareness is a tuning fork that allows a stepping into higher and lower fields of manifestation. But it can be a jarring process for an awareness clinging onto two dimentional constructs when confronted with higher dimentional concepts. For most it is like a stone that can skip across the waters surface. Eventualy the stone plungs in but how it got from one place to another is confusing for most people. You may hear people talking about the mandela effect and these manifestations of which most people are unaware. The stone of awareness skips across these concepts without understanding for most people.

     Learning meditation and practicing loving kindness for all beings from your heart leads to more understanding. Love itself is a field of understanding for one you love something or someone you come to understand this person of thing. It is this the most powerful tool of all the vibration of love. Love and understanding will lead you and others to a greater knowing of fields of vibrations that for many generations people were unaware of. The seed looks for the good soil but do not forget to water it with meditation and to give it the sunlight of love to help it grow into the beautiful tree that gives the good fruit of knowledge.