Meet Victor

Victor Hamsa

Victor started spontaneously meditating at 5 years old and was taught transcendental meditation in 4th grade and continues today. Victor has been a spiritual teacher for groups since 1994. He worked as a mental health worker at Cornell Medical Center a teaching hospital he worked directly with the eminent professor Dr. Otto Kernberg and is trained in psychology and psychoanalysis. Victor has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for 24 years and has lived with the Lanape Indians a Native American tribe up in the mountains of PA for 3 years where he was taught to be a shaman and a healer and teacher. Victor is also a certified Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

In the late 90’s Victor opened up a New Age store which sold crystals and books and he taught classes on meditation for the community and healed and taught Reiki to groups and ran spiritual workshops. In the 90’s he learned Kriya Yoga by channeled instruction and learned the Hamsa breathing meditation. In 2010 he started teaching spiritually online and did distance healing and people who he healed built a website so others could find him for teaching and healing. He is an Ordained Minister, a priest of Melchidezk for laying on of hands and enjoys teaching meditation and how to reach enlightenment in groups,he is interested in helping others to achieve their full potential.

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