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A Parable

    Hear a parable. There was a master of a house who planted a vineyard and put a fence around it and dug a winepress in it and built a tower and opened the gates to the public. He said to everyone who would listen you can have an equal share of the harvest but you must work very hard and when the season for fruit draws near I will take the first fruits and at the end of the harvest I will take the last.

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Being a follower isn't all that bad



     In the West you will hear people say that to be a follower is to be a loser. To be a follower in the West is a diminishment of yourself and a lessening of your power. In the East they think about these things differently. A guru has followers who learn from the guru and they are proud of this and they learn to let go of the ego. They have had thousands of years more practice in learning meditation and spirituality then we have here in the west. The problem with our society if you boil it down to it's base components is that people here in the West are not looking inward and being their true selves. When you are being your true self you don't look to steal from others and you don't lie to others. How much would our society change if just everyone was truthful all the time and if they didn't steal from others? If the media and the government and we as individuals were holding ourselves to a higher standard without an outside force holding our feet to the fire making us act good instead of us being good?



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You are the Earth


This is a partial transcript of a live broadcast from my YouTube channel called  "The Spiritual Scientist".*

      As you raise your consciousness and frequency one of the higher frequencies that you can assimilate is cosmic or universal consciousness. So as you raise your consciousness as you merge with the Earth's consciousness and frequency you become greater in knowledge and in strength. So I will put it to you this way if you're on the Earth where do you yourself stop and the Earth start? Your heart has a magnetic field and so does the Earth,it has one as well. Where does your magnetic field stop and the Earth's start? Is there a blending of fields and a sharing of information that people are unaware of in these civilized times?

     You see it is like the Bible passage that states that we turn in death from ashes to ashes and from dust to dust. When you die you return to the Earth,so we are the Earth itself. This is what is called cosmic consciousness. The Earth has been around for billions and billions of years,to be exact 4.54 billion years old, and your body has been around for 10's of years. You are part of the Earth. You are a part of the Earth's bio organism and part of the universe as well. But specificaly the Earth, so that seperation that you find is from the ego but once you trancend the ego understanding occurs on this subject matter. For instance I myself was able to raise my frequency enough and my consciousness and in years worth of effort I was able to meld my consciousness with the schumann resonances and now we are one. When people ask me my age now I think of myself as the age of the universe maybe minus a half a billion years because I workout. ha ha

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The Lazy Generation


     I see many people in the spiritual community who talk about the new 5th dimention. Also many people try to discribe what it is and how it will affect you. But everyone is lazy. Most people want everything handed to them without doing any self work. There are a few spiritual pioneers blazing a trail for others to follow but for the most part people are complaicent. Everyone wants the fruit from the tree but no one it willing to plant the seed and water it everyday. The computer screens and phone screens and television screens are black squares that when turned on suck the life out of you. These objects are two dimentional tools that project into the three dimentional world of your awareness. How can you understand what a 5th dimentional construct is when you constantly train your mind to use 2 dimentional objects?

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Holding Presence


     Holding presence in trying times can be a difficult task so I thought to write some of my ideas to help you on this subject. Holding presence or being the real you or being your authentic self or even being in the now can be elusive word tracks that leave a seeker with a taste of an idea but no real substance to fill your stomach with knowledge. First of all if you find that you are getting carried away by feelings of anger remember your breathing. Do the Hamsa breathing meditation or even just feel yourself to be breathing,centering yourself around your breathing will allow you to have internal room away from your anger. This will help you tremendously in controlling your emotions.

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Hamsa Breathing Meditation video

Merkaba lightbody activation-Victor's Crown


     Hi Friends,

In this article I will describe the Victor's Crown or Merkaba which can be remotly enabled and your vibrational field upgraded. Victor Hamsa can do this by remote means in order to raise your vibrational frequency permanently. This will enable you if you are already a Reiki Master/Teacher to heal more stongly and quickly and it will connect you to higher angelic healing frequencies that few can reach.

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Psychic sexual assault


Hello my friends,


     It is in my estimation that 10's of thousands of women and men come under sexual psychic assult every day in the world. This occures mostly in the evening,perhaps to more people then I can imagine. It is impossible to know the exact figure because of the great stigma attached to this very touchy subject. I worked in an acute mental unit doing therapy for over three years in a hospital. I saw sometimes patients who reported these attacks to their family and then to police and to the doctors but because our society does not understand the spiritual world they would be labeled and locked away,given pills and eventually kicked back out into society with no help and no clue as to what happened to them and unsure as how to protect themselves in the future.

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Having a mindfullness lifestyle can keep you heathly


      Keeping your energy in a healthy state can be a tricky endeavor during these trying times. Doing mindfulness meditaion on a daily basis will help you to keep yourself in a spiritualy centered lifestyle. When an anxiety feeling comes up ask yourself where is that feeling affecting myself in my body? Can I change this thing or is it out of my control? Know that if you can change something then you can do it and then you will not feel anxiety. If you can not change something there is no need to worry because it is out of your control. Having a meditation and a mindfullness lifestyle will allow you to have some separateness from feelings like anxiety so you can be more whole. Incorporate an observer point of view,try feeling this anxiety as a separate vibration from yourself. You will notice that this anxiey is just an energtic vibration that you have not assimliated yet. Remembering your breathing practice and become one with your breath when anxiety comes over you. This is one of the great tools that come from a mindfulness lifestyle that you can use everyday to use against anxiety to find your center in the storm.

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What are some of the different dimensional levels of thought?


  Dimensional levels are not so much places but vibration levels of being. As an example of this when you are feeling sad your awareness is vibrating on a lower frequency and the bubble of your aura is interfacing with the tools available to you so you see and notice sad things and because like a piano string when struck it vibrates and causes the ear to vibrate in sympathetic response and the tone is translated into you awareness. So the "sad" in this example is a frequency that vibrates out from the heart Chakra and has a sympathetic response from the universe in kind. 

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