Posts from 2017-03-15

How to reopen your heart...try loving a tree


     Hi Friends,

     This post is for people who have been hurt and have had thier heart broken. Many people who seek me out have been abused and are in need of healing. Perhaps they have lost a loved one or have been really hurt or for any reason they are disconnected from thier heart and from God and life. You may think of this as a meditation that I invented to reconnect peoples hearts.

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Flower of Life


     It was before 2012 in September and I was preparing for 12/21/2012. I think it is good for people to have a date with a goal attached. I feel like it pushes us to try harder and the date was pushing me harder to spirtualy transend, I wanted to be ready for what I didn't know. I was laying in my bed at night and I went into a meditation and then into spirit. When I go into spirit I can see into objects like in the movie The Matrix but instead of everything being green things were all colors with little bits of different colored lights,everything is like a multicolored cloud that you can see into. I can even see into walls when this happens and see the bits of different energy floating like soft fireworks some reg some orange some green with allot of white colored energy space.

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