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Are Lionfish the most new invasive species ever?


     A few years ago I went scuba diving as allot of people do on thier vactions in the Caribbean. The islands and the water were exotic and as beautiful as advertised and looking off of the dive boat I could see clear all the way 60 foot to the bottom when I looked down. On the dive boat the scuba master who was a cool guy grabbed a spearfish gun while I was gearing up which didn't really have a trigger on it instead it looked like Metal rod with a point and a rubber band but I could still tell it was a weapon of some sort. I asked him what it was for as on other dives no divemaster had ever taken out a spearfish gun were their sharks around? He explained to me that clmate change had raised up the water tempture and their was a species that was now proliferating all over the reefs. I asked him which fish and he told me the lionfish. "They may look cool but they are a pain in the ass' he explained "people dumped em out of thier fishtanks and with the water getting warmer they are all over the place."

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