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"I can't feel anything-your healing didn't work"


Hi Friends,

     When I do a distance healing I start sometimes with scanning the body,sometimes I don't scan at all and I just follow my psychic intution. I tend to work quickly and at the higher etheric layers and on the outer layer of the aura sometimes when I do scan sometimes I am detectable to the person getting the healing as a tingle or something of that nature. Later when doing deeper work allot of what I do is imperceptible and I try to make it that way so to allievate suffering and tension. Many times I will hear on a follow up session "Your first healing was good and I felt something but the second session it didn't work, I didn't feel anything". The ironic part is if they were going into an operation and laying on the operating table if they felt pain during a surgery they would want to sue but with a distance healing once it gets deep and heavy and when they stop feeling anything they feel like they are not getting thier monies worth and sometimes stop seeing me thinking there is no healing going on. It is after that I hear of a recovery a few days or weeks after that and then follow up is hard to get.

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