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Come and enjoy an afternoon of truth teachings with enlightenment teacher Victor Hamsa on January 19th from 4pm-7pm at the International Foundation of Spiritual Unfoldment in Briarcliff Manor NY. Victor is the founder of Hamsa Breathing Meditation which is a powerful tool in utilizing mindfulness. He will be also sharing lessons of enlightened teachers past to present. Group meditations,chants and open group teaching will occur. This is a beginner to advanced spiritual workshop and all are welcome to attend. $25 per person,part of the proceeds will go to support the Ashram for Unfoldment and to charity. For directions or early sign up please visit:




Self healing trauma through writing poetry

Hi friends,


     This article is like the title says is about healing trauma through writing poetry. Now are first you may say this is a trivial thing a poem but words my friends are powerful things. The Bible says that the Lord created the heavens and the Earth by his word and so to can you heal the damage within by writing it out.


    I worked in a psychiatric unit doing therapy with abused patients and I took in their energy of abuse durning the therapy as well. Where was I to let off the pain that I took in? You may be saying to yourself that you have never written anything creative. Perhaps you are a macho guy and think poetry is for wimps. I always looked at poetry for what it was. Writing your feelings down on paper, now here is the tricky part to convey to the reader how you feel. To make someone else understand what you went through but again in a creative way.


      There isn’t a better,safer way to release your trauma. To write your feeling down in a creative way is one of the noblest ways to transmit the hurt feelings to the outside world. You can share your poem with others or not and reread the words to feel those feelings in a safe way.

         And in rereading them you will see something that you couldn’t see before. There is a bit of distance created and as an objective observer you can finally confront those feelings and slowly work through them. 

      You don’t have to rhyme every second sentence but I do recommend it to start. That will push you to be creative in writing your feelings down. The act of rhyming the words creatively changes your thinking. The part of your brain connected with creativity and words and rhyming that part is very deep within the brain. The trauma is deep as well and now you are writing about these feelings. 

     What writing the poems down will do is it puts words to those feelings and emotions. It puts a safe box around them so you can look at them from a safe distance. I am sure you will be amazed at your talent because coming from a deep place within yourself in a creative way is a powerful thing to do. 

     Poets are the most powerful people they are the ones who can conquer their fear and bring forth healing for themselves and others. Please try writing poetry as a cathartic release for your feelings. And when you do send me a copy so I can read it if you would like to share. I will end this article with a poem I wrote in my mind and then put on paper while I was working in the mental hospital watching a patient who was on suicide watch. 25 years later and I still have it memorized it is a dark poem but it was a dark place and maybe it will instead lift you up...


               Desperate lives

Desperate lives in this house of death.

Smell the ashes on the corpses breath.

Snake coil whisper around your neck.

Sea of deaths waves awash life’s deck.


People die all the time.

Not always for a life of crime.

Some think death is the final find.

Finding life in the funeral chime.


Can you hear the bells receding?

The moans of ghosts repeating?

Saying the deaths the final cheating?

Life is full and empty death hungers eating. 


-Victor Hamsa

Victor Hamsa Meditation Teacher

     Hi friends,

     As many of you know I am a spiritual teacher and healer. I have been doing meditation my whole life. One way when I was young that I was doing meditation was by staring at a spot for a long period of time when I was 4 or 5 years old. Another was when  9 I learned transcendental meditation from my grade school teacher and a visulation method,a meditation that I modified and adapated many different ways later on. One was was that I learned to look at problems from different angles by imagining I was sitting on the bottom of a lake and my problems were just bubbles and as they slowly rose that I could look at and analyze these bubble problems from different angles which rose as quick or slow as I wanted them to. In the early 1990's I had a thirst to learn about spirituality and meditation and energy healing and about the chakras,basically I wanted to reach enlightenment. I ended up reading every book I could about enlightenment and meditation. I thought to use prayer and fasting as a tool to gain insight into the tombs that nightly piled around myself and my bed. I had worked in a hospital back then recently and had a very good repore with my "guides" or my "higher self" and gained knowledge on where to look for information that way by being open to the universe and found out it was sometimes more importiant in reading between the lines that what the author meant in some of the books that I was reading. But it wasn't just the books that I was reading to gain information, I was writing ideas down and writing poetry,searching for information within myself and journaling.  I noticed as well that some books on psychology which I spent a few hour a day readying in a medical library that I had access to had the same type of ideas were in an arcane text or scripture and I saw patterns that I started to piece together. I lived in the Northeast United States in New England and in the early 1990's there weren't that many people at all talking about meditation or the chakras or enlightenment. The internet wasn't really a thing back then. It was by listening to my inner voice and listening to my higher self by prayer and fasting and my repeated efforts of doing meditation up to 4 hours a day and longer that I came up with a breathing meditation now called the Hamsa Breathing Meditation.


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Are Lionfish the most new invasive species ever?


     A few years ago I went scuba diving as allot of people do on thier vactions in the Caribbean. The islands and the water were exotic and as beautiful as advertised and looking off of the dive boat I could see clear all the way 60 foot to the bottom when I looked down. On the dive boat the scuba master who was a cool guy grabbed a spearfish gun while I was gearing up which didn't really have a trigger on it instead it looked like Metal rod with a point and a rubber band but I could still tell it was a weapon of some sort. I asked him what it was for as on other dives no divemaster had ever taken out a spearfish gun were their sharks around? He explained to me that clmate change had raised up the water tempture and their was a species that was now proliferating all over the reefs. I asked him which fish and he told me the lionfish. "They may look cool but they are a pain in the ass' he explained "people dumped em out of thier fishtanks and with the water getting warmer they are all over the place."

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Black hole and time reversal theory

                      Time dilatation fields near a black hole warping of space time and time reversal



The event horizon of a black hole mirrors the universe inside it as all matter inside of it are ordered into collapsible fields of dense matter. The holographic principle of the universe is nowhere exhibited into such a finite state as the event horizon of a black hole. Now once matter falls within the boundary of a black hole it's causality cone is reversed. A causality cone (my invention) is the field of choices of past and future events what most people think of as time.  Now we perceive time as flowing forwards from our perspective point of view but if we were falling in towards a black hole our future would be seen by us as moving towards the black hole when we would be in close proximity.

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"I can't feel anything-your healing didn't work"


Hi Friends,

     When I do a distance healing I start sometimes with scanning the body,sometimes I don't scan at all and I just follow my psychic intution. I tend to work quickly and at the higher etheric layers and on the outer layer of the aura sometimes when I do scan sometimes I am detectable to the person getting the healing as a tingle or something of that nature. Later when doing deeper work allot of what I do is imperceptible and I try to make it that way so to allievate suffering and tension. Many times I will hear on a follow up session "Your first healing was good and I felt something but the second session it didn't work, I didn't feel anything". The ironic part is if they were going into an operation and laying on the operating table if they felt pain during a surgery they would want to sue but with a distance healing once it gets deep and heavy and when they stop feeling anything they feel like they are not getting thier monies worth and sometimes stop seeing me thinking there is no healing going on. It is after that I hear of a recovery a few days or weeks after that and then follow up is hard to get.

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Breaking the chains of bondage


     Right now as I write this post there is an Opioid epidemic which has swept across the United States. The damage goes on behind closed doors in many households across the country and in every level of society. For those who are addicted and seeking to stop the drug use there is the fear of losing their jobs,the fear of stigma and shame and the lack of information on how to handle treatment. I would like to relate inormation that I picked up to stop the chains of addictions durning my journey of healing others and seeking of knowledge.

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     So I was working in a big building in a big city and I went to the lunchroom to have a few minutes quite time. Now the lunch room is towards the center of the building I mention this for a reason as there are tons and tons of steel and concrete around me there. Sometimes I imagine all of the tons of weight above my head crashing down but this wasn't one of those times. It is super quite at some places in the building when no one is around and I can't imagine any device could project into the center of the building that I am aware of and kind of sound but I am getting ahead of the story.


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The Chosen One

Lred eyes 2

                                       First Stanza

     I was born in the 60's and Dr. Spock was the child rearing book that families refered to on how to raise your child. One of the tenents of Dr. Spock is that when your child is alone or crying to let him or her cry themselves to sleep. From an early age I was sensitive to my environment and surroundings. I can remember crying for hours and hours in my crib standing up as a toddler and no one would come to tell me that everything was ok. Well my mom or dad would but I still cried and then they left. Nowadays I hear they say to bring your child into the bed with you and then when they are sleeping to slip them back into the crib.  I am not blaming my parents they did a great job I just want to expain things as I understand them.

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How to reopen your heart...try loving a tree


     Hi Friends,

     This post is for people who have been hurt and have had thier heart broken. Many people who seek me out have been abused and are in need of healing. Perhaps they have lost a loved one or have been really hurt or for any reason they are disconnected from thier heart and from God and life. You may think of this as a meditation that I invented to reconnect peoples hearts.

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