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Flower of Life


     It was before 2012 in September and I was preparing for 12/21/2012. I think it is good for people to have a date with a goal attached. I feel like it pushes us to try harder and the date was pushing me harder to spirtualy transend, I wanted to be ready for what I didn't know. I was laying in my bed at night and I went into a meditation and then into spirit. When I go into spirit I can see into objects like in the movie The Matrix but instead of everything being green things were all colors with little bits of different colored lights,everything is like a multicolored cloud that you can see into. I can even see into walls when this happens and see the bits of different energy floating like soft fireworks some reg some orange some green with allot of white colored energy space.

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Hamsa Breathing Meditation


     I am writting this article to teach you the ancient method of meditation breathing called the Hamsa Breathing Meditation or Hamsa Breathing.  Doing this meditation will help you to have clarity of thought,it promotes oxygenation and circulation for the blood system and it has many other benefits. It is one of the only ways to consciously affect your autonomic nervous system. If you are nervous or stressed out in your life your brain via the nerves will likley turn on the sympathetic part of the system (the fight of flight response) which may lead to a faster heart rate and it may lead to an increase in blood pressure. Many people are seeking to be less stressed and the Hamsa Meditation can be of great benefit in everyday life.

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The Holy Spirit and the Eucharist,the blood and the body of Jesus


     I went to church this last Sunday at the 9am mass. It is a lovely church and the priest is very nice and knowledgeable. He spoke about end times as it is that time of the liturgable year as Catholics we have to speak about it he said trying not to scare anyone, and then it was time for the Holy Eurchrist.

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Cane and now able


     I was at my job and speaking to an old client of mine who has a great personality. He is originaly from Europe and has money and did well from himself in life and now is in his late 70's. I trully enjoyed speaking with him and then I didn't see him for a few years.

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Free Distance Healing


Hello Friends,

I am offering free distance healing and spiritual mentoring to those in need. Please message me back a photo(s) of yourself a discription of the illness and then feedback so I may adjust the healing if needed. I reserve the right to not heal those who are disrepectful to The Lord,The Holy Spirit and to myself now or in the past. You may send a photo(s) and message me through my website or just find me on facebook. If you have benefited from a healing that I have done for you or your loved one please reshare this post so others may find healing as well. I do accepit donations through my website and please visit the charity section to give as well. New blog posts at least once a week so keep visiting. Namaste

Blood of Jesus


Yesterday morning I asked The Lord my father in heaven if Jesus was crucified like the stories say to show me please. And then I forgot my prayer. At the end of the day late at night I was very tired and I was finally able to put my head down on the pillow and a vision came upon me. 

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Demonic Etheric Implants


     When I started doing Reiki healing over 20 years ago little did I know that years later I would be coming across demonic implants durning my healings. Having done some research on the subject I will lay out some information to help those who suffer and for healers who wish to learn more about them and how to remove them. When you come to think of it Reiki itself uses a type of an very soft desolving etheric implant for healing,more about that some other time.

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Don't drink and Reiki


 I was at a party many many years ago and I don't drink except for social occasions. I had a few glasses of wine and someone said that their back hurt. Being a healer I offered to do a laying on of hands to help her out and we went somewhere so I could sit behind her to get her back healed.

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Medium Rare


     I don't try to be a medium often and speak to the dead. I have for a few friends who have sought me out, feeling that I could help them. You kind of pick up things while you heal others on how to do it. Also watching a medium at work can show you how and then being very intuitive I tend to just figure things out.

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Is it possible to be telepathic?


     I was asked how would someone be able to telepathically communicate with anyone? So it seemed like an interesting question that I would like to take a shot at to answer. When I was young I was interested in this subject it sounds like a superpower doesn't it?

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