Dimensional levels are not so much places but vibration levels of being. As an example of this when you are feeling sad your awareness is vibrating on a lower frequency and the bubble of your aura is interfacing with the tools available to you so you see and notice sad things and because like a piano string when struck it vibrates and causes the ear to vibrate in sympathetic response and the tone is translated into you awareness. So the "sad" in this example is a frequency that vibrates out from the heart Chakra and has a sympathetic response from the universe in kind. 

 Now there are also different levels of awareness which stem from thoughts instead of from the vibration of the heart but work with the heart vibrations from the mind.

The Mind has it's own vibration or wave. There are 4 known type of brain waves. Delta,Alpha,Beta and Gamma.There is a fifth type of which I will not go into in this article.

Different dimensional levels of thought formation may be fixed and do not change which can work will the 4 main type of brain wave frequencies and the different heart frequencies. Other dimensional thoughts may be expanded upon and can change to a higher or lower frequency depending on the underlining heart frequency and brain wave frequency.


An example of second fixed dimensional level of awareness is a person who thinks in a liner format. Their awareness does not have a third dimensional component to it. When reading a book they do not visualize the book happening in the forefront of their brain they just see the words in their minds but not the scene happening. Also second dimensional thinkers do not have self talk. They have no higher consciousness voicing back their opinion back into their awareness. This is because a higher consciousness self talk is an example of third dimensional thinking. They do not have a "voice in their head." Now just because a person has only second dimensional thought forms does not mean they cannot have complex states of being because the heart has it's own frequencies that interface with the mind in a complex dance of vibration states that science has not caught up to as of yet.

Now obviously from the above example third dimensional level of awareness of thought is one in which a person can think in third dimensional picture form and have an inner voice which when they read a passage in a book can sound like the passage is being read out loud but only in a voice in their heads.


Now an example of fourth dimensional thinking is someone like Nicola Tesla who was an inventor. His mother at an early age played memorization games with him and worked on mathematics with him all the time. The constant memorization games helped him to translate his thoughts into fourth dimensional thinking as he could look at an object and measure off the size and shape for instance and then do the math and combine these two things for a different way of thinking. Also memorization helped him to recall past events and use them in real time. Time as everyone know is by science called the fourth dimension. And by utilizing deep memorization techniques a fourth dimensional mindset may be accessed. 

Music or art is another example of fourth dimensional expression of awareness. When listening to music the entire brain can be used and in MRI's that have been done to people who are actively listening to music and they were found to be utilizing larger portions of their brain. Now obviously someone who has a two dimensional awareness can still listen and understand music. That is because of the heart and it's complex vibrations that interface with the mind.

I wrote this short article to help illustrate for the first time the complex biorhythm of frequencies and vibrations that is the human condition of which science has so far not understood. This is written as a short introduction on this topic and for more information and to attend a class or lecture by Victor Hamsa please contact him. Thank you,

Victor Hamsa 3-9-2020