This is a partial transcript of a live broadcast from my YouTube channel called  "The Spiritual Scientist".*

      As you raise your consciousness and frequency one of the higher frequencies that you can assimilate is cosmic or universal consciousness. So as you raise your consciousness as you merge with the Earth's consciousness and frequency you become greater in knowledge and in strength. So I will put it to you this way if you're on the Earth where do you yourself stop and the Earth start? Your heart has a magnetic field and so does the Earth,it has one as well. Where does your magnetic field stop and the Earth's start? Is there a blending of fields and a sharing of information that people are unaware of in these civilized times?

     You see it is like the Bible passage that states that we turn in death from ashes to ashes and from dust to dust. When you die you return to the Earth,so we are the Earth itself. This is what is called cosmic consciousness. The Earth has been around for billions and billions of years,to be exact 4.54 billion years old, and your body has been around for 10's of years. You are part of the Earth. You are a part of the Earth's bio organism and part of the universe as well. But specificaly the Earth, so that seperation that you find is from the ego but once you trancend the ego understanding occurs on this subject matter. For instance I myself was able to raise my frequency enough and my consciousness and in years worth of effort I was able to meld my consciousness with the schumann resonances and now we are one. When people ask me my age now I think of myself as the age of the universe maybe minus a half a billion years because I workout. ha ha


      My consciousness is now a part of the schumann resonances,in fact the schumann resonances were just a high vibrational level until October of 2011 that is when I joined my consciousness to this vibration and then it covered the Earth in it's frequency and vibration and trancended all space and time. Now people say it was always there but before 2011 this was not the case. There are other levels of consciousness and other states of being as well but that is another story.

     They just have determined that the magnetic poles have been shifting greatly and that there is a split within the magnetic fields around the Earth they seem to be splitting into two seperate halves at the moment. Right now for the last 200 years the magnetic fields of the Earth have been decreasing by 5.9%. The North pole has been shifting at great speed to the west as well. That these magnetic fields that are splitting right now and the shifting of the poles are a great mystery to scientists and scholars around the world. 

    And so what I am talking about is that as we raise ourselves in consciousness and frequency, when that occurs then you can become to understand and be more in-line with cosmic consciousness and universal truths. When mankind comes to an understanding that they are actually of the Earth itself then they will stop polluting and then they stop hurting the Earth and the dear creatures that live upon it.

     Now with my family we had a water balloon fight in the backyard to have some fun and to cool off. So just for fun we filled up the water balloons and had a giant water balloon fight,we had allot of water balloons and it was a real blast. After it was over and I went to pick up the broken pieces of the water balloons from the backyard I could feel the synthetic pieces in the grass verses where there were none around in a different patches of grass. I became sensitive to the lower vibrations of the broken balloons and I noticed as I cleaned them up that the frequency around me seemed to change and rise up. Now you can say that was all my imagining, but if you want to be in a higher frequency we definitely need to get away from these synthetics and move away from plastics and these fake materials. We need to move towards more organic materials,to wear more cotton clothing and silk and to wear hemp and things of the Earth.

    I want to tell you that when we clean up the environment, when we do that, we are just cleaning up ourselves. We are not seperate, there is no seperation really between the Earth and ourselves. When you die where do the atoms go? You can say you are going to get burnt up and turned to ashes but where does all that energy go? It just changes and science tells us that to goes back to into the Earth and into the universe. We drink water and that water is the same water that has been recycled for billions and billions of years. The water that you drink and that is in your body is the same water that was in the dinosaurs body and the same water that the dinosaurs drank eons and eons ago.

    Now I had a woman that came to me that was very distraught, she was very depressed. She is a very weathly woman and she owed because of a bad business deal over a million dollars to debtors. She identified  as 100% of herself with her job she was her job from her egoic point of view. She was in a sucidal state because of this and for what she owed to others. I spoke to her and reminded her that in the universe gravity made the dust clump together eons ago and then it formed into stars. Then it formed into planets and then heaver metals were formed. In her body were atoms of the stars and parts of the original universe. That the gold in her body and iron took millions and millions of years to form. She was depressed because her ego identified her as being her job and since she owed this money now she was worthless. But when I reminded her of her higher cosmic heritage and that she belonged to the universe and it to her and that it was inside her and that she was in fact the Earth itself she then forgot about her depression. I remember she was very surprised in coming to understand these concepts and she said to me quite frankly that she had never thought of herself in this way. She said in that moment of understanding that all of her depression lifted and from then on she became a different person a happier and more adjusted person...