So I was working in a big building in a big city and I went to the lunchroom to have a few minutes quite time. Now the lunch room is towards the center of the building I mention this for a reason as there are tons and tons of steel and concrete around me there. Sometimes I imagine all of the tons of weight above my head crashing down but this wasn't one of those times. It is super quite at some places in the building when no one is around and I can't imagine any device could project into the center of the building that I am aware of and kind of sound but I am getting ahead of the story.


     Now I should mention after I remembered what happened to me that I went over in my last blog that I was told I was "The Chosen One" I researched the heck out of it and came to the conclusion that I better bone up on everything religious and the Bible had most of The Chosen One related information within it so I really studied the Bible and started praying a lot at churches. Many times instead of taking lunch I found little churches around the city that I could just go to and pray for 20 minutes. Well I was meditating and praying all the time and reading scripture and feeling like I was chosen but trying to understand everything and what that meant.

     So I went to the lunch room and prayed and ate and then after I ate I prayed as well as there was no one around. Nothing makes you feel more like a weirdo than praying somewhere and people are walking around looking at you I can tell you that,so I try to keep it private. I have mediated when I was younger on the floor at the back of a crowded DMV and people would just walk up to me and ask how do you meditate,can you teach me?  Anyway, I was praying and just being silent and I heard something. Was there a high ringing sound somewhere? This was back in 2011 I actualy have the exact date and time for everything because of a video I was sent that I go over in this story but I can get back to that.

    I heard the ringing? and it was far away and I wondered what it was as I was in the center like I mentioned of a very large buiding and I was wondering if it was a machine or some drilling or something. But it wasn't anything like that,now I know some of you know what I am talking about here you hear the "ringing" yourself. I remember hearing it before for a moment but this was clearer. So I packed up my lunch bag and got up to walk down the hall away from the lunch room which only had one exit and entrance and I heard his voice. Now perhaps it was like my voice in my head but it wasn't me I can tell you that because this voice was shouting at me but there were only three words shouted. The words that were shouted by God to me were "YOU ARE TOXIC!"

   I froze still and assesed the situation and waited for more input. That is me I guess maybe you would do something different for me I just was quite and still and I stood there waiting on The Lord to expand on this and when nothing happened I left and went back to work. Now like I said perhaps you would be different maybe you would yell back and say "huh?" or "what do you mean?" But the one thing I learned down on my knees praying is love and respect for The Lord. The Lord sees right through you and knows everything so you have to trust in God to reveal things in the proper time.

     So I gathered myself and went back to work,now not more than about 20 minutes later a customer who was into marketing sent me a video,the video was titled "YOU ARE TOXIC" I opened up the video in rapt attention. Here was this woman who The Lord worked through to clarify his Holy words not more than 20 minutes later so I would know what he meant. That alone just shows you how loving and caring God is doesn't it? That he would send me a video well that showed me he was thoughtful and smart,smarter than me.

     The video showed me that my enviorment was toxic,the water that I drank was toxic and had flouride in it I found out later. The air was toxic and had metals and pollutants in it. There were harmful things in the food I ate and basicly everything around me. I was astounded at this information and I endeavored to rid myself of the toxicity that was in my body and to listen to what The Lord had chosen to show me.

     I went and had my silver fillings that I had as a kid in my mouth removed I tried to eat clean and healthy food and drink clean water. I tried to not sin at all and to workout more and sleep more and changed my lifestyle. I found out there were toxins in the water like flouride and started sharing this through social media,back then no one was talking anout GMO's but I would wake people up and help them as the Lord choose me so I would help others. I would go and put little blurbs on blogs and messaged people that maybe they should change thier diet and such. I kept at it behind the scenes waking others while I worked on myself.

     And after ahwile of being less toxic finally cleaning up my body more and my act I finally started to hear the "ringing" more. I didn't know at first to try and hear it but that was what was happening so I went with it.  It was a soft vibration at first that would just be outside of my awareness but more and more I learned to tune in and "hear" it. Perhaps this was the real reason The Lord spoke to me I started to understand,perhaps this was another piece of the puzzle that would lead me furthur down the road. I could start to see a pattern now to these things. I remembered The Lord said I was "The Chosen One" which lead me to read all of the scripture and to pray which lead to hearing the ringing. The ringing did lead me to other spirtual adventures but I will leave you here for now.